Rebirth of Strangequarks

Welcome (back) to Strangequarks!

Every thing is in the pre-launch stage still, but things are starting to get ready for posting. The forums - Chatter - are up and running, though I have to work on the links a bit still. Chronicles are where we can write stories/articles about ourselves and our lives, and you can start writing these but I do not have the way to list and display those posts operating just yet.

The theme is something I downloaded because I didn't want to waste a bunch of time figuring out how to build one of our own when this will work fine for now. My focus was to get something up and running and we can work on beautification over time. It's pretty flexible though and we can tweak the colours and locations of content pretty easily.

I plan to add a central welcome back/rebirth post soon for a more formal launch but I'm happy with getting some content on here to start because it helps locate display issues and gives us something to work with while we get it looking the way we want.

Right now account creation is open but they start blocked. So go ahead and create one for yourself, but let me know when you do by text or whatever so I can unblock it for you and you can begin posting and commenting.

About pics and logos and all that, please refrain from uploading any images of anything right now because I haven't touched that part of the structure of the site and if I change something after you upload it, it may not show up as you intend down the road.