The birds (the geese, specifically)

Submitted by dragonbreath on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 08:01

 I sleep with my window open, and the sound of geese coming home was my companion throughout the night.  I heard them, smiled, slept, woke up and still heard them passing over, dropped back into sleep, woke up again, and there were still flocks of them flying up above my home!  It seemed like a solid wall of sound for most of the night.  Just gulls up there after I woke up this morning, but throughout the night, well hundreds must have flown over the city!  

we haven’t seen any huge flocks yet, but there have been lots of smaller groups arriving and hanging out with the ducks at the creek outflow across the river

This morning there are geese on the building opposite me. This rare event has only happened once before to my memory, but watching those geese up there wandering around on the roof looking down at me and the other odd passer-by, all honking away excitedly at each other, reminded how much more clearly is going on in their minds than they are often given credit for.

i have always maintained that geese should be given voting rights. aside from the public pooping, they are valued members of any community.


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