Working at home is the best

Submitted by puxapuak on Thu, 04/16/2020 - 15:08

I am so much more productive at home. Like way more. I stay focused, I multi-task like crazy and it's fine because I'm not having to fight to concentrate over the conversation and activity and people all around me. It's easier to prioritize stuff, everyone else is communicating the same way and the same volume so it's all controllable in little windows on my computer.

I do miss my coworkers, we had a great little group of people down there, and we got a lot of work done too working together to solve problems and figure stuff out. We can still shoot instant messages back and forth at each other though, and we hold meetings over the phone just fine.

And today I had the best meeting ever. I literally lay on my couch with my eyes closed and head off to the side looking like I was sacked out and snoozing, but no, my phone was on my chest and I was in a very important phone call with 110 other people, and I was more present in mind for that meeting today than in any meeting I've ever had before. No people around, no distractions, just their voices in my ear as I lay on the couch, able to absorb and hear pay attention to everything that was being spoken. It was totally perfect. Every meeting should always be at home on the couch.

It's so clear - I was already an advocate of that kind of work flexibility, but I really feel it so clearly now in a very concrete way - it's not an abstract idea anymore. I imagine that workplaces all around the world are all collectively seeing and experiencing that too, and finding just how beneficial it would be if people only ever went in to the office a couple times a week, pandemic or otherwise. Like there's always going to be stuff that's best done there, so you go in when you need to and stay home when you can. That's just the way it should always be for those occupations where it is possible.

Like you, I'm at home alone too.  Noone to look "decent" for.  From what I'm hearing, even people who have husbands and wives with them, are wearing CASUAL clothing...casual like, well, pyjamas!  Another thing to go (for me at least) is personal care, I'm not showering as often as I have done, and lately, I find that I'm not even brushing my hair first thing in the morning, sometimes, not all day!  I know this because my hair was all tangled up in a headband I was wearing yesterday while working on my deck.  Really tangled, like ...OMG!!! I haven't brushed it for two days!!!   So is this the "real" us?  Without pushes from marketers, without the need to impress, without pressure from retailers, is this what we REALLY would be like?



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