I wonder what the birds think

Submitted by puxapuak on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 17:59

They're all arriving back in Canada after their winter down South. I wonder what they're thinking as they look down at the human built world below and everything - everything - is so much quieter than when they left. Not a whole lot of the world to the South was really slowing down yet as they began their journey, but on every day of flight, the further North they got, the quieter things were growing.

Now they're landing here, wandering the streets as good geese do, shitting as they please. There's loads of people in the parks, in the geese's own territory crowding about, but there's just not as many of the giant tin cans whirring up and down the flat dark warm parts of the city anymore. The air smells better, it feels overall quite a bit safer than previous years... seems the humans are making some changes for the better, the geese perhaps think.

i saw that article. last year, deer ate most of my corn and destroyed the plants. they left everything else, but now i wonder if i’m gonna have to fence the whole area or move things to the back because maybe there’ll be more of them. 

I read that article too.  I haven't even seen a rabbit!  But the birds seem to be very happy!



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