Tracking apps

Submitted by thehousegoddess on Sat, 04/11/2020 - 10:10

Apple and Google will be making it easier for public health apps to use phones' bluetooth to trace contacts for the purpose of finding potentially infectious individuals. In order for this to work, we would have to install the apps and consent to having our movements tracked by our government. The tech could also be used to find people who are violating self isolation orders.

You on board with this? Are you willing to put aside privacy concerns for the public good? Do you think this could work with a majority buy-in?

I hate the idea of silently spreading covid-19 more than I hate the idea of actually catching it, so I think I’d want to know if I was responsible for blindly infecting others or if I’ve come in contact with someone who has it. 

I usually am pretty cautious about tracking stuff on my phone, but honestly I would totally be for this. I have doubts about how well it will work though because I don’t see being able to get a majority of the people on board for it. I hope I’m wrong though.


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