Site Suggestion Pile - Beta Edition 1

Submitted by puxapuak on Sun, 03/29/2020 - 18:57

Got a topic you want to put up for discussion about what direction to take the site? Or maybe arrange content, display colours, or a new discussion forum? Whatever you've got, let's bring it up for discussion.

One thing I'd like to try to recreate is make it so the forum menu (Chatter) would also list how many new/updated posts there are for a person since their last visit. Related to this I'd like to have a box each for the most recent content of the various types. I'm working on that currently.

Another is to improve the visual display of the posting details on pages. Right now this theme just stacks them vertically rather than inline, and it looks weird trailing after the body of a post.

yeah, and there isn't much to define the end of one post and the beginning of another. not that the text runs into the next, but that the headers look kinda like footers

i don’t really know if i’m using the correct words here


New kinds of procrastination in the era of a pandemic
by puxapuak on 2020-04-11
every day is exactly the same
by thehousegoddess on 2020-04-08
lots more to do now
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-28
So many things to do...
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-18
lots of time on your hands can be good
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-08
going nowhere, or going down
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-06
occasional entries describing thoughts and emotions during the Pandemic.
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-05

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