I think I'm getting used to this

Submitted by dragonbreath on Sat, 04/18/2020 - 11:08
So many things to do...

I have a mile-long to-do list.  I'm a gardener, and I own a house, so spring can be a very busy time, what with repairs, and planting, and maintenance!! So many things to do, and now that I am growing accustomed to not going anywhere, not seeing anyone, I've got my sleeves rolled up (so to speak) and I am raring to go!  Unfortunately this is Canada, and although I do love my country, I really really hate spring on the prairies!  One day it's winter, then it's soggy, and snowing, or soggy and rainy, or so windy (why is it always a cold north wind in the spring?) so windy that you can barely hold yourself up, never mind actually DOING something!  So I've ventured out into the world, well, Home Depot, and I've got brushes, and deck stain, and more caulk and some wierd crap that I can hopefully use to fix my sidewalk and my birdbath, and I am ready to work!  Unfortunately, I need warmer weather for all the things I need to do, like consistant warm weather, not just an hour or two, here or there. I guess I'll just go read another book.  Maybe I'll do my laundry, I'm running out clean pyjamas.


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