Diary of a shut-in

Submitted by dragonbreath on Sun, 04/05/2020 - 12:16
occasional entries describing thoughts and emotions during the Pandemic.

Overall, my days are similar to what they were a year ago.  I'm far away from most of my family, my best friend lives over a thousand miles away, many others have died or time has created a distance that can't be bridged easily;  so, I'm alone. Alot.  I'm very much a home body (But I love getting away every so often, new places are good for the soul, as is visiting loved ones) the beauty of being a home body is that it's just as nice to come home as it is to leave. I'm also okay with a fair amount of "alone" time.  This does not mean that I enjoy being a hermit.  Being a hermit has never been one of my life plans.  I like being with people, I just can't be with them for a long time.  I'm pretty crappy at small talk. Back to topic:  The differences between then and now are very much emotional, more than physical.


New kinds of procrastination in the era of a pandemic
by puxapuak on 2020-04-11
every day is exactly the same
by thehousegoddess on 2020-04-08
lots more to do now
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-28
So many things to do...
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-18
lots of time on your hands can be good
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-08
going nowhere, or going down
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-06
occasional entries describing thoughts and emotions during the Pandemic.
by dragonbreath on 2020-04-05

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