The Big Block Update

Submitted by puxapuak on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 08:15

Thanks to the start of the CERB implementation, I had some time to devote to the website again today. I got quite a bit done regarding the presentation of the site, which you'll probably have noticed by now. Here's a few of the updates:

  • Cleaned up and organized blocks for display of each content type, putting them in the bottom block areas below the main content.
  • Cleaned up the menu in the sidebar along the left, and added useful links.
  • Created a new content type specifically for posting updates like this, and the views for it for the block, summary list, and full post for the home page for now. (We can think about what content we want for the home page after launch, when site updates are less frequent and less relevant.)
  • Installed modules to support auto-creation of the path for each content type, and set up those autopath patterns.
  • Tinted some of the blocks and text.
  • Added Bios section to user accounts for people to write a little bio on their own page.
  • A few dozen other small cosmetic fixes along the way that I didn't make much mental note of.


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