What I Did Today - a veggie garden planned

Submitted by thehousegoddess on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 19:24

I have 96 sqft of vegetable garden in the front yard organised into 6-4x4 low beds. Last year, a family of deer ate most of my corn, a tomato, and two zucchini. I hardly missed the zucchini, but the corn was a daily disappointment. Not only did they eat the cobs, they would destroy the plants, too. Eventually, there were only a couple of the inner plants that survived and we only got 4 cobs to eat ourselves.

I was initially thrilled by the idea of deer in my garden, but the novelty wore off quickly.

This year, I will plant again out front (but not corn - or maybe decoy corn!), but I think we need some more space in the back yard for veggies. I ordered a fuckton of seeds from McKenzie's yesterday, and today I planned the beds and made a shopping list for the necessary supplies. They will 3-3x1 meter beds about 50cm tall with nice frame around the top for sitting and putting tools. 

The lawn's days are numbered, but I knew that when I planted it. Grass has always had a very limited lifespan in my yards.

Furgus and Carrie will be so disappointed.

We’ll build the beds this weekend.

So, yeah, that’s what I did today. If I could post pictures, I’d include all the layout variations I made with scrap wood and stakes that I have lying around. 

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll draw out the shed we will also build in the next couple weeks.

What else did I do today? hmmm... well, I fed myself successfully twice. I cut D's hair. I rode the bike and did some weights this morning and went for a walk this evening. It was kind of a busy day, I guess. Yesterday, I was just happy to have cooked supper. That’s basically all I did beyond websurfing and sitting outside with cats. 


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