What I Did Today - handywoman edition

Submitted by thehousegoddess on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 18:50

Got a call from S this morning asking if I could bring my drill over. She’d already been awake long enough to clean her place from top to bottom and had some shelves to put up and some chairs that needed assembling. She also had need of some veggies. She offered guacamole as payment.

I went for a run and it was really hard. Usually, my first run is super easy, I overdo it, and then the next one is hard. Instead, I slogged through 30 minutes of intervals and decided to go back to walking.

We fixed up the shelves and the chairs and ate some (all) of the best tasting guac I’ve had in years. Seriously, this stuff was fantastic. We discussed the weirdness that is cilantro. We both used to hate it. It tasted like dirty grass. Now, we like it, but never as a garnish. It has to part of the food, but not just any food. More experimentation is required for a full understanding. I just don’t understand why it tastes different now. Has this happened for anyone else?

I haven’t been in some else’s house since February. It was weird. She usually comes to our place. The three of us see no one but each other, so we’re considering ourselves a social isolation unit. Even with D working, she and I wouldn’t spread this to anyone beyond each other.

When I got home, I let the cats out and wound up some weaving yarn on the deck. Then, I made pasta for supper. I might warp the inkle tonight or I might not.

Yesterday, I went for a walk, did some laundry, and heated leftovers for supper. 


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